Insomnia in Children & Teens

Teenagers and young people 18-25 years old can often struggle to sleep. This is down to range of different factors, including the cognitive and emotional development in this age group, increased levels of stress and anxiety around exams and peer interactions, increased social media and phone use late at night, and disrupted circadian rhythms. Teenagers need more sleep than children and adults, however they often don’t feel sleepy until much later in the evening. Having to get up for school the next day can make it difficult for teenagers to get the sleep they need. We offer treatment to teenagers aged 13+ who are experiencing insomnia and we work with their families to help support their treatment. In order to minimise disruption to their education we aim to offer treatment that can fit around their school day.

Over the course of 5 sessions, Maja helped me understand my sleep problem, recognise some of the triggers and causes, and develop strategies to deal with them.