Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

Everybody that we see at The Good Sleep Clinic will have an in-depth Sleep Assessment with one of our highly specialist Clinical Psychologists. This enables us to recommend a personalised plan of evidence-based treatment for you, with 1 to 1 treatment sessions – either online or in person at our clinic in Kent.

Sleep diary

Before your first appointment, we’ll ask you to start recording your sleep patterns as well as your thoughts and feelings around sleep in a Good Sleep Clinic Sleep Diary. We’ll analyse your sleep diary before your in-depth clinical assessment and will continue to use the sleep diary throughout your treatment sessions

In-depth clinical assessment

Your first session will be a 50minute 1 to 1 clinical assessment where we’ll complete a comprehensive review of your sleep history, screening questionnaires and analysis of your sleep diary. We can complete your clinical assessment in an online session or in person our Tunbridge Wells clinic.

Our assessment will focus on building up a detailed picture of your sleep problems, including:

Life before your sleep problem

Your sleep problems may have been with you decades, and we will find out more about your sleep history. If the problems have developed more recently, we will look at various aspects of your lifestyle before developing problems, and which may have been helpful or unhelpful. Examples may be your routines, personality traits, approach to stress and health problems.


You may know exactly when and where your sleep problem started, or it may have crept up gradually with no obvious cause.

What might be keeping the problem going?

This is where we get an idea of the types of thoughts you are having and any changes you have made to your lifestyle due to your ongoing sleep problems. Some may be helpful and others may need a little fine tuning. These are often the areas we look at more closely in later sessions with The Good Sleep Clinic. Click here for more information on insomnia and how it develops.

Sleep Medications

You may have tried various sleep medication approaches, and often clients who visit us are using treatments to aid sleep whether over-the-counter remedies or prescribed sleeping medication (known as “Hypnotic medication). We will go over your sleep medication history and understand how effective they are for you, any side effects or concerns you have and if you are hoping to reduce them or stop them.

Medical problems

As part of our assessment we aim to understand if there are any medical problems that may be affecting your sleep. We will ask about any snoring or breathing problems you experience at night and any movement of your legs that affect your sleep. Sometimes we will recommend that you undergo a detailed investigation to study your sleep (a polysomnogram). For clients with insomnia this is usually not necessary.

Bespoke treatment programme

The number of treatment sessions you’ll need will depend on your individual requirements, but many people see significant improvements in their sleep in just 3-4 sessions. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and we offer daytime and evening appointments online or in our Tunbridge Wells clinic, so it’s easy to fit your treatment around other commitments. Read more about how we treat insomnia

Extra support when you need it

Our insomnia specialists can offer a follow-up phonecall  or email in between your treatment sessions to check in with how you’re doing, answer any questions, recap on any new tools and techniques you’ve learnt and give you any extra support you need.


All our clinical appointments last 50 minutes.

Clinical Sleep Assessment: £200*

We will ask you to complete two questionnaires and a sleep diary prior to your appointment which will help us to fully understand your sleep difficulties. In the assessment appointment we will ask you questions about your sleep problem, how it developed and any factors that might be affecting your sleep now or may have affected them in the past. Towards the end of your appointment we will give you our opinion on your sleep difficulties and how we plan to treat them. We will advise you of how long this is likely to take and what type of treatment you may need.

From 1 September 2024 our fees will be £250 for Dr Maja Schaedel and £200 for our Associate Clinical Psychologists

Subsequent Treatment sessions: £150*

Our sleep treatment programmes are tailored to you and your sleep difficulties. The number of sessions can vary but we expect between 3 and 6 sessions will be appropriate for most people, depending on your history and your symptoms. For more information on the evidence-based therapies we use then please click here.

From 1 September 2024 our fees will be £190 for Dr Maja Schaedel and £160 for our Associate Clinical Psychologists

Payment information

You can pay for your treatment sessions by BACS transfer or using your debit or credit card using Stripe. You will receive an invoice for your sessions in the month that follows. Further details in the information you receive on booking.

Medical Insurance

Our sleep treatment programmes are covered by most major medical insurance providers including Cigna, Aviva and Vitality (Please note we no longer accept referrals from AXA or Bupa).


​We welcome referrals from GPs or other specialists, however a GP referral is not required to attend The Good Sleep Clinic.


​If you are not able to attend an appointment that you’ve made with us, we will be happy to cancel it or reschedule providing you give two working days’ notice (48 hours Monday to Friday). The usual consultation fee will be due for any appointments cancelled with less than this.

​Please contact us if you have any questions about appointments, referrals, medical insurance or treatment costs.

Thank you, I am very grateful. I never thought I would feel so happy with my sleep! This process has helped me so much, to realise the impact that various aspects were having on my life.