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We are a Sleep Clinic providing a range of high quality services, from one-to-one assessments & treatment to workshops focused on improving sleep for large organisations. Our team of experienced and highly specialist clinical psychologists provides expert sleep advice and treatment in line with the evidence base.

We help adults and teenagers with a range of sleep problems, including insomnia, trauma-related sleep difficulties, anxiety and the menopause, to improve their sleep using a range of evidence-based psychological models.

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I have seen so many different health professionals for help with my sleep – a psychiatrist, neurologist, hypnotherapist, CBT therapist – and you are the first person who actually understands what is happening with my sleep.

How we can help you

Insomnia & Poor Quality Sleep

Insomnia refers to a condition which involves struggling to fall asleep or to stay asleep for at least three nights a week. This can be acute (lasting only 1 or 2 weeks) or chronic (lasting at least 3 months) and you may find yourself waking up at several points during the night or waking up at 5am without being able to return to sleep. If you do not have insomnia but you do not feel refreshed upon waking, your sleep quality may be suffering. We offer treatment to people with insomnia and unrefreshing sleep.

Menopause & Perimenopause

The perimenopause refers to the period leading up to the menopause and can last from a few months to up to 10 years. During this time people who are typically in their 40s and early 50s often experience sleep difficulties which are related to hormonal, physical, emotional, social & behavioural changes during this time. We provide psychological therapy to treat the sleep difficulties and related factors during the perimenopause.

Trauma & PTSD

When someone has suffered a traumatic experience it can lead to nightmares, increased startle responses or physiological changes associated with threat or danger. All of these responses can have a huge impact on sleep and sleep quality. We offer specialist evidence-based treatments such as Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) to help resolve underlying trauma which could be impacting on your sleep.

Children & Teens

We help children and teenagers who struggle with a range of sleep difficulties, including struggling to fall asleep, staying in their own beds at night, nightmares, fears about nighttime, not feeling sleepy at bedtime and struggling to wake in the mornings. We use evidence-based strategies to work with children and parents to improve sleep for everyone.

Employee Well-being

Promoting sleep quality and protecting our sleep is so important to ensuring our overall well-being. This is crucial for all areas of our lives, including in the workplace. We work with organisations to promote sleep quality by addressing changes we can make to our behaviour around sleep through workshops and employee support programmes.

Thank you, I am very grateful. I never thought I would feel so happy with my sleep! This process has helped me so much, to realise the impact that various aspects were having on my life.

About Us

The Good Sleep Clinic was co-founded by Dr Maja Schaedel (Clinical Psychologist) and Dr Zoe Schaedel (GP, Sleep & Menopause Specialist). We are now a team of seven, including four Associate Clinical Psychologists and one Administrator.

We are passionate about offering quality, evidence-based treatments for sleep difficulties and our expertise in the field means that we are highly equipped to treat sleep difficulties.

After a difficult start I have made so much progress with my sleep.

It is more consistent, and I no longer spend my day worrying about bed time. I now understand factors that were getting in the way of good sleep, and I am confident I can navigate my way around them if they arise in the future.

Thank you for all your support.